And… we’re back

Reading time: 2 minutesI’m going to start blogging again. There. I’ve said it. Out loud. On here. So it’s public, even if it’s not going viral. Amongst other things, I plan to write about sharing, listening, making time, paying attention, noticing, designing systems, and information architecture. First up, I’ve updated to using the WordPress 2017 Theme – it plays […]

A short talk I gave about systems thinking at UX Bristol 2014

Reading time: 1 minuteUX Bristol 2014 Short Talk: Nic Price – Systems Thinking in 3 Minutes from Bristol Usability Group on Vimeo. Okay so it’s nearer 8 minutes. In which I talk about elephants and bicycles… world view, mental models, Russ Ackoff’s definition of a system, and what happens when you change the boundaries of a system. For […]

Prototype kitchen

Reading time: 2 minutesWorking in digital product research and design, I can’t remember a project where we didn’t use a prototype in one form or another. I’d not thought about doing it in the house until necessity paved the way – we ran out of time… We’d worked up the eventual kitchen design through various discussions with Sam […]

Projection Hero

Reading time: 2 minutesProjection Hero, a photo by Beatnic on Flickr. I learned to be a projectionist in the early 1980s. Our physics teacher at school, Mr Smith, taught me and a friend. We would practice “lacing up” the film, focusing the lens and switching reels as quickly as possible. We learnt to cut and splice the film to make […]

Today’s lunchtime run in “flyover video”

Reading time: 1 minute(Update 16 Dec 2011: I’ve had to remove the embedded video, as it always autoplays every time anyone visits this website. V annoying!) Here it is on the mapmyrun website: A natty feature courtesy of the folks at MapMyRun. You don’t feel the hills quite so much in bird’s eye mode 🙂

There’s something about the South Bank

Reading time: 1 minuteThere’s something about London’s South Bank. Is it the people? The continuous flow of folk along the riverside pathways. Perhaps it’s the river… the Tidal Thames. Living, breathing, flowing, carrying, reflecting. Or the trains, as they rattle across Hungerford Bridge in and out of Charing Cross Station. Maybe it’s the art, the music, the theatre, […]

Moving house, virtually

Reading time: 1 minuteWhen you move house and send your change of address cards out, you probably only put your new address on the cards and not your old one. And if people want to send you a “Happy New Home” card they’ll need to copy down your new address on to an envelope. But when people change […]

From BBC News: Parents warned of additives link

Reading time: 1 minuteWatch out for… Sunset yellow (E110) – Colouring found in squashes Carmoisine (E122) – Red colouring in jellies Tartrazine (E102) – New colouring in lollies, fizzy drinks Ponceau 4R (E124) – Red colouring Sodium benzoate (E211) – Preservative Quinoline yellow (E104) – Food colouring Allura red AC (E129) – Orange / red food dye BBC […]

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