Prototype kitchen

By Nic Price on 3 May 2012 — 1 min read

Working in digital product research and design, I can’t remember a project where we didn’t use a prototype in one form or another.

I’d not thought about doing it in the house until necessity paved the way – we ran out of time…

We’d worked up the eventual kitchen design through various discussions with Sam from IT Woodwork. Sam provided us with pictures from his Sketchup model. Then Simon from Neighbourhood Construction worked his magic and in next to no time had built a prototype from 2by2 and ply. It’s fully functional, and all the appliances are in the places they’ll end up.

Prototype kitchen (1 of 2) Prototype kitchen (2 of 2)

This means we’re able to spend a few weeks testing out the layout for ergonomics, and can make any adjustments if we need.

And to top it all, each unit is standalone and reusable elsewhere afterwards.

We’re calling it dweller-centred design.

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