And… we’re back

By Nic Price on 5 March 2017 — 1 min read

I’m going to start blogging again.

There. I’ve said it. Out loud. On here. So it’s public, even if it’s not going viral.

Amongst other things, I plan to write about sharing, listening, making time, paying attention, noticing, designing systems, and information architecture.

First up, I’ve updated to using the WordPress 2017 Theme – it plays nicely on all screen sizes. And it looks okay from an accessibility point of view – though the blog title and description may not pass the legibility and/or contrast test, depending on which image appears in the site header.

I’ll probably tweak the theme a little as time goes by.

Despite my neglecting it, the site still gets traffic.

In 2016, according to analytics, three of the most popular posts – arrived at via organic (i.e. Google) search – were:

  1. William Henry Pratt alias Boris Karloff, 1887-1969 – a photo of his blue plaque in East Dulwich, with over 100 comments from people who believe they might be related to him, and his biographer (from 2005)
  2. One card-reader fits all for online banking – TL;DR yes, you can use any bank card reader with any bank card (from 2008)
  3. Traffic lights and inclusive design – a post about not relying on colour alone to denote meaning (from 2010)

More anon.

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