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By Nic Price on 22 July 2020 — 1 min read

Last week was UXBristol’s 10th birthday 🎉

The five talks on Friday morning were all excellent and well worth watching, and the great news is they’re available for free over on YouTube.

You can watch all 3 hours and 10 minutes in one go, start 17 minutes in to see the Introduction to UXBristol from @stuchurch, @chudders and @DaveEllender.

Or you can jump directly to the beginning of each 30 minute talk:

  1. Sam Villis – Storytelling

    Sam read ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ to us live, using it to show us how we can use the narrative arc to tell the story of our project. Sam has also written a medium post about running a storytelling workshop at GovCamp.

    Sam is @stamanfar on Twitter.

  2. Candi Williams – Great, they can find it. But can they understand it?

    Candi talked us through some great ways we can test if people understand our content.

    Candi is @candiwrites on Twitter.

  3. Rita Cervetto – Service Design in Tech

    Retro style presentation covering the history, purpose and value of service design, what to expect if you’re thinking of being a service designer in the tech world, and a great use of video to include contributions from Rita’s industry colleagues.

    Rita is @ritacervetto on Twitter.

  4. Joe Knowles – The Stoic Designer

    A very honest and personal story from Joe and how a book (The Daily Stoic Journal) from Ben (Joe’s brother) helped unlock the virtues of stoicism. Plus some practical advice on self care.

    Including a quote from Joe in the Q&A: “But stoicism isn’t like getting ripped. You don’t do it and go to the beach and show it off. It’s an ongoing practice.”

    Joe is @J_J_Knowles on Twitter.

  5. Jon Fukuda – ‘Design-Integration’: Creating a Design-Integrated Business to Build Digital Products that Win and 6 Best Practices to Get You There

    Jon talked us through his company’s recent research findings on integrating design into organisations. Who does it well? What are the barriers, and what steps can we take right now?

    Jon is @jkooda on Twitter.

A big thank you to the speakers, volunteers and sponsors. And congratulations and thank you to Stu, James and Dave for another fantastic event.

Also don’t forget you can get your UXBristol merch over at redbubble.

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