Maintenance mode (while getting back up and blogging)

By Nic Price on 17 January 2020 — 1 min read

Tap tap. Is this thing on? It seems to be.

As I remember reasons to blog, I also remember I still haven’t found or fixed a couple things:

  • One is a way to share a few bookmarks with my own added comments and tags – like we once did with Delicious. Simon suggested Dan Hon might have something. I’ll check. Maybe a weekly round up. But not necessarily #WeekNotes.
  • Another is that sometimes I just want to share a thought, but here, not just on Twitter. The post is the title is the post. Available for commenting, linking etc.
  • There are other things too

I’m still using WordPress, so will be looking for a suitable theme which might help me do these things. Alternatively I’ll move onto another platform.

While I’m in “Maintenance mode” I’ve copied Bright & Matt and am using Information Architect’s Alice theme for WordPress

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