Following mentions of “intranet” on twitter

By Nic Price on 5 January 2008 — 1 min read

As mentioned in a previous post, you can ask twitter to text message or instant message you whenever any term you’re interested in is mentioned in a tweet.

As well as tracking East Dulwich, I’ve been tracking a few others including “intranet”

It makes for some pretty interesting reading but was hard to share online until I came across Tweet Scan courtesy of David Sterry the other day.

It’s a twitter search tool with an RSS feed of your search results…

You can filter your search to individual people on Twitter or have it search the entire public timeline.

Also you can add the search to your browser’s dropdown list of search engines.

That’s mighty handy.

And through it I’ve found blogs by Anu Gupta and Jeremiah Owyang, which I’ve added to my intranet reading list.

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  • Oh Mr Beat Nic! You sound terribly bright when you talk so technically, I haven’t a breeze – but then it is lunch time on Sunday, and I have opened my first bottle of the day (hic). God I wish I could use an Ipod…

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