My five minute talk on analogy at UX Bristol

At the end of the excellent UX Bristol back in July, a few of us gave 5 minute talks. These talks are now available to watch online. I talked about how – when I was running the intranet at the BBC back in 2005 – I was inspired by the transformation programme at London’s South […]

Social networking on intranets – have a problem to solve, and expect it to take time, says Jakob Nielsen

Here are the findings from usability “guru” Jakob Nielsen’s report on Social Networking on Intranets…   Underground efforts yield big results. Companies are turning a blind eye to underground social software efforts until they prove their worth, and then sanctioning them within the enterprise. Frontline workers are driving the vision. Often, senior managers aren’t open […]

Be careful, sometimes the writing really is on the wall

Imagine my surprise the other day when I walked past a meeting room and read the words: “How to tell the team the bad news“ Alright, that’s made up. But I have seen several rather over-revealing meeting titles on my way down various corridors recently. Technology for setting up meetings is getting pretty sophisticated these […]

Communities – start simple, don’t over-design

Social notworking In 2002 we built something on the BBC’s intranet called “Learning Online”. I was working with an amazing team of forward-thinking and innovative people. We designed Learning Online to be the intranet home for BBC employees to manage their personal development, training and career development. Alongside e-learning, personal development planning and a personalised […]

What is Twitter?

Twitter is used in many different ways. As @dulwichmum says, its nearest equivalent that people are familiar with is Facebook status updates. Twitter updates, or “tweets” as they are sometimes called, are limited in length to 140 characters. Apart from that, there are no rules about how to use Twitter. Some people use it to […]

Robin Good at leweb: 12 things we must learn to do really well

Thanks to Peter Bihr aka thewavingcat on Twitter I was able to sit in on some of Loic Lemeur‘s Leweb this week via, a livestreaming mashup of video and text updates. One talk that caught my attention was by Robin Good who is MasterNewMedia. He asked people about what learning really meant to them […]

Double espresso – Wesabe

Things I’ve been getting excited about recently over a double espresso… Wesabe I’ve been looking for easy ways to track what I’m spending. comes highly recommended but wouldn’t let me in without a US zip code (at the time of writing). So I went on the prowl for some alternatives. After some research, checking […]

Double espresso –

Inspired by Tom Coombs’s recent “Have you seen…?” post, here are some of the things I’ve been banging on about recently over a double espresso. First… Last FM plays you music while you’re online. It can create your own personalised radio station based the music you like, using its audioscrobbler music recommendation system. […]

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