Running away with my thoughts

Just wondering if Twitter is changing the way I think. Even just thinking that sentence through as I type it, I wonder if I might tweet it, and subconsciously estimate the character count. (54 if you include the full stop, which I may not) I think of my best tweets when I’m running. Well, they […]

What is Twitter?

Twitter is used in many different ways. As @dulwichmum says, its nearest equivalent that people are familiar with is Facebook status updates. Twitter updates, or “tweets” as they are sometimes called, are limited in length to 140 characters. Apart from that, there are no rules about how to use Twitter. Some people use it to […]

Yammer and the intranet beyond the firewall

One of the hats I wear is Content Producer for Intranets Live, a subscription-based intranet media channel, with a monthly two-hour online show starting on 4 November. In the first show we’ll be interviewing David Sacks, CEO of microblogging service Yammer, winner of the TechCrunch50 award last month. Yammer is designed to provide a secure […]

Following mentions of “intranet” on twitter

As mentioned in a previous post, you can ask twitter to text message or instant message you whenever any term you’re interested in is mentioned in a tweet. As well as tracking East Dulwich, I’ve been tracking a few others including “intranet” It makes for some pretty interesting reading but was hard to share online […]

Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 3 – Twitter tracking

In this series of short articles, I’m looking at different ways of subject-tracking on the internet. Previous articles covered Google Alerts and Technorati Watchlists. This article is about Twitter and its tracking feature, using East Dulwich as the example subject. Twitter Twitter lets you share your thoughts with the world. You can do this by […]

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