Following mentions of “intranet” on twitter

As mentioned in a previous post, you can ask twitter to text message or instant message you whenever any term you’re interested in is mentioned in a tweet. As well as tracking East Dulwich, I’ve been tracking a few others including “intranet” It makes for some pretty interesting reading but was hard to share online […]

Essential intranet reading

Are you involved in intranet (in its broadest possible definition) content, design, management, publishing, thinking, consultancy, evaluation or strategy? What’s on your reading list? I’ll kick off with my blog subscriptions tagged “intranet” in google reader (view posts/subscribe to this list): Column Two – James Robertson in Australia, who is also behind the Intranet Innovation […]

Mark all as read: momentary headspace

A week offline (well just about anyway) and google reader is telling me I have over 3000 unread items… So I have just hit the “Mark all as read” button. For a brief moment, my google reader is empty. I can’t remember the last time it was empty. I wonder what I’ve missed. Using a […]

Google reader

I’ve been trying out the newly launched Google reader, which I was alerted to via my Bloglines subscription to a Google blog – oh my aren’t we just sooo post-modern 😉 You need a Google account (gmail address) to use it. Like gmail it makes extensive use of ajax for screen-based rather than page-based interactions. […]

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