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There’s something about the South Bank

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There’s something about London’s South Bank.

Is it the people? The continuous flow of folk along the riverside pathways.

Perhaps it’s the river… the Tidal Thames. Living, breathing, flowing, carrying, reflecting.

Or the trains, as they rattle across Hungerford Bridge in and out of Charing Cross Station.

Maybe it’s the art, the music, the theatre, the film, the drama, the street artists, golden statues that spring to life to the surprise and delight of passing children.

For me, it has a reassuring rhythm. Something familiar, yet always changing.

Content connections

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Sketch showing a list of content types

How does a piece of content relate to other content?

Learning, conversations, people, places, events, news, policy and procedure…

Not an exhaustive list, and deliberately format-agnostic, but a helpful start when planning and thinking about web and intranet content.

Let there be no cul-de-sacs.

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