Google Drawing template: GOV Flow kit

I recently made – and have been using – a Google Drawing version of the GOV Flow kit. If you’re involved in designing government services and transactions you might find it useful for mapping out online user flows. It’s based on the excellent Gov Flow kit for Sketch made by Charles Reynolds-Talbot. It’s meant for […]

Blogging on the People Thinking website

I’ve started work on a side project with Ben. We’re calling it Participant Discovery. We want to understand what it’s like to be a research participant. We wonder if understanding this will help us design better research. We’re blogging about it over on the People Thinking website.

A short talk I gave about systems thinking at UX Bristol 2014

UX Bristol 2014 Short Talk: Nic Price – Systems Thinking in 3 Minutes from Bristol Usability Group on Vimeo. Okay so it’s nearer 8 minutes. In which I talk about elephants and bicycles… world view, mental models, Russ Ackoff’s definition of a system, and what happens when you change the boundaries of a system. For […]

My five minute talk on analogy at UX Bristol

At the end of the excellent UX Bristol back in July, a few of us gave 5 minute talks. These talks are now available to watch online. I talked about how – when I was running the intranet at the BBC back in 2005 – I was inspired by the transformation programme at London’s South […]

Why I think ASUS Padfone misses the point

I’ve just watched the shiny video promo for the new ASUS Padfone. It’s a tablet (think iPad, Galaxy) with a marsupial-style pouch for a mobile handset. No longer will you suffer eye-strain trying to read those tiny words on the handset screen. Just pop it in to the tablet, and read them in large print […]

Find, Understand, Share, Extend

Today is World Usability Day. The theme this year is communication. I’ve chosen to write about something which I find helps teams I work with communicate and explore what we design and put on the web. Back in 2005, Yahoo! Search announced a “vision statement”. Enable people to find, use, share and expand all human knowledge. Somewhat ambitious, sure. A little […]

Traffic lights and inclusive design

Why are there three separate lights in the standard traffic light setup? Why are they vertically arranged? In a nutshell: don’t rely on colour alone to convey meaning in your information design.

How would a butterfly inspire your next design?

That’s the question currently on the homepage of Ask Nature, a new web-based resource which catalogues the many ways we can learn from nature when we’re trying to solve problems. The project is run by the Biomimicry Institute. The site was announced this morning at TED Global in Oxford. Here’s an excerpt: Anchors of bull […]

Quick user research tip: Open All in Tabs

We’ve been running some design research sessions which involve several scenarios, each of which uses a slightly different design version for a website. Each scenario has its own starting page, each of which we put in a different tab in Firefox. This means setting up all the tabs and start pages for each research session. […]

Keep the change

A good reason not to move entirely to virtual money… I thought the six coins could make up a shield by arranging the coins both horizontally, as with the landscape idea, as well as vertically, in a sort of jigsaw style. I liked the idea and symbolism of using the Royal Arms, where individually the […]

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