The Gnomes, Vaudeville Entertainers

The Gnomes, Vaudeville entertainers (photo on Flickr) Almost a hundred years ago, my great grandparents (my father’s father’s parents) were in The Gnomes, a group of London-based vaudeville entertainers. My great-grandfather, Edgar Sidney (standing on the right in this photograph), directed the group. He wrote the words for the “humorous song” I’m going to grow a […]

Double espresso –

Inspired by Tom Coombs’s recent “Have you seen…?” post, here are some of the things I’ve been banging on about recently over a double espresso. First… Last FM plays you music while you’re online. It can create your own personalised radio station based the music you like, using its audioscrobbler music recommendation system. […]

Sounds like it should be a blast

If you’ll pardon the pun. I’ve just been sent this info about an event taking place in July. I’ve added in the link showing where the venue is on Google maps. Title: Gas Organ exhibition Venue: The Sassoon Gallery Location: Blenheim Grove, Peckham Rye, London SE15 Date: 16th – 18th July Time: Midday – 9pm […]

Plug for Francis Rodino’s August 18th gig in Putney

My friend Francis Rodino and his band are playing at the Half Moon in Putney at 8pm on August 18th. Entry: £5 / £4 with flyer (or if you follow this link) You can hear some of his songs at I think he’s really got something.

Pazzazz Music taster session this weekend in Dulwich

This sounds like fun Pazzazz Music is led by professional performers and educators from the UK’s top arts establishments. Pazzazz Music is the only music club for these ages of 4 to 7 that embraces conventional music training but also uses the children’s creativity as a core educational principle. During each 6 week course the […]

Driving to

The Killers – Hot Fuss Massive tracks – remind me of The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs and U2 Athlete – Tourist Deptford’s Coldplay (ducks for cover) Hothouse Flowers – Home Probably more famous for their 1980s hit “Don’t Go” from a different album. “I can see clearly now” and “Movies”, two tracks back to back […]

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