Talking of tabs

By Nic Price on 30 April 2008 — 1 min read

Make someone’s day!

Tell them they can use the Tab key on their keyboard to move through a web-page.

To those who already know, it seems obvious, taken for granted.

But if you’ve ever watched people filling out boxes on forms on banking websites or when setting up an account on a website using the mouse to move from one input box to the next, you can imagine their relief on learning about the Tab key.

The Tab key “focuses” on links and form elements, such as boxes you need to fill details in, moving from one to the next.

And Shift+Tab does the same thing in reverse.

Of course, this assumes the web-page has been well-designed. You should be able to Tab through the screen in a logical order. This order can be easily specified by the web designer, and is particularly important when it comes to accessibility, so there’s no excuse for not doing it.

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