Traffic lights and inclusive design

Reading time: 4 minutesWhy are there three separate lights in the standard traffic light setup? Why are they vertically arranged? In a nutshell: don’t rely on colour alone to convey meaning in your information design.

Talking of tabs

Reading time: 1 minuteMake someone’s day! Tell them they can use the Tab key on their keyboard to move through a web-page. To those who already know, it seems obvious, taken for granted. But if you’ve ever watched people filling out boxes on forms on banking websites or when setting up an account on a website using the […]

SharePoint and Web Accessibility

Reading time: 1 minuteAccording to Bruce Lawson, a web accessibility expert working in the legal sector, Sharepoint fails to meet one of the priority 1 requirements (which must be met), and breaks some priority two requirements (which should be met). See Bruce Lawson’s personal site : SharePoint and Web Accessibility.

Intranets. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Reading time: 2 minutesYesterday about thirty Intranetters (thanks to Andrew for pointing me towards the yahoo group) got together in central London. It was a really good event – a kind of intranets anonymous. Big thanks to Simon Hill and Rod McLean for their warts’n’all stand-up routines. It certainly seemed quite a cathartic experience for all involved. Intranutters. […]

Britain’s online newspapers accessibility scores – should do better

Reading time: 2 minutesToday Martin Belam publishes the scores from his excellent series of articles looking at the accessibility of the UK’s main national newspaper websites. The Times came out on top, even though it makes no use of an on-screen text-resizing widget, nor of accesskeys as shortcuts for keyboard users. Overall my conclusion has to be that […]

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