Quick user research tip: Open All in Tabs

By Nic Price on 30 April 2008 — 1 min read

We’ve been running some design research sessions which involve several scenarios, each of which uses a slightly different design version for a website.

Each scenario has its own starting page, each of which we put in a different tab in Firefox.

This means setting up all the tabs and start pages for each research session.

To save time, we set these up once.

We then select Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs… > {name the folder}. [Keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+D]

These are then all available for each session via Bookmarks > {folder name} > Open All in Tabs.


If you’re using tabs in Internet Explorer, the same functionality is available via Favorites > Add Tab Group to Favorites > {name the tab group}

The Tab Groups are then available via the “Favorites Center” [Alt+C on the keyboard].

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  • And what I want to know is how to start the browser and a given set of “open all in tabs” from an global keyboard shortcut.

  • Hi akn

    In Windows XP or Vista, you can do this by following these steps:

    1) Create a desktop shortcut to Firefox

    2) Right-click and choose properties

    3) Use a mouse click or the “Tab” key to focus on the “Shortcut key” form field

    4) Press whichever keyboard key you with to use. (I chose “F” – which automatically populates the field with “Ctrl + Alt + F”

    5) Click “OK”

    6) User your new keyboard shortcut to open Firefox

    7) Select the “Tools” menu, then “Options”

    8) On the “Main” tab, set the pages you wish to open in tabs each separated with the vertical bar symbol “|”

    e.g. http://news.bbc.co.uk | http://www.google.com | https://www.beatnic.co.uk

    The above will open BBC News, Google and this website each time your start Firefox.

    Enjoy 🙂

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