Facebook as intranet – healthy hype

By Nic Price on 7 December 2007 — 1 min read

Bill Ives at FastForward blog writes about how the software company Serena has adopted Facebook as its corporate intranet.

They’re using it to take their 800 global employees through a big change programme. They’ve created a few custom apps that staff can use in their private network on Facebook. Apparently it’s boosted staff morale.

This is good news. Not because Facebook is the answer, but because it’s getting people thinking about the possibilities of intranets and moving the conversation on.

Much research has been done and the number one thing people want their intranet to help them with is finding other people.

What better way to help people find each other and the answers to their questions than by focusing the intranet – or rather the digital workspace – around people.

This very much fits in with my model which I call the DNA of the digital workspace – more on this soon – which places people at the centre of getting our work done.

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