Facebook as intranet – healthy hype

Bill Ives at FastForward blog writes about how the software company Serena has adopted Facebook as its corporate intranet. They’re using it to take their 800 global employees through a big change programme. They’ve created a few custom apps that staff can use in their private network on Facebook. Apparently it’s boosted staff morale. This […]

Dust to digital dust

Before the internet, dying was a simple business. What you said, wrote, created in your lifetime lived on in people’s memories, passed down the generations and turned to myth. And sometimes these had more tangible manifestations, in letters, books, works of art, buildings and of course children. Nowadays more and more of us have digital […]

With Facebook friends like these

Someone once asked “If you died, how many of your Facebook friends would come to your funeral?” Rather morbid, but they had a point. I said “How would they know I’d died? I wouldn’t be able to update my status. Talking about this – on Facebook – with a friend recently. They added: Yes, I’ve […]

Social networking – worth the wait?

Two things struck me when reading this article about Google’s Orkut being bigger than Facebook in India and Brazil. First, that people are prepared to wait up to five minutes for a page to load. Orkut – 1.5 minutes Facebook – 2.5 minutes Myspace – 5 minutes You can quickly see why Orkut is favoured […]

Help! I’m starting to think in status updates

On my Sunday run yesterday morning I suddenly caught myself turning everything I was doing in to Facebook status updates. If you haven’t been on Facebook, status updates let you tell people in your group of friends or networks whatever you want in little SMS type messages which then appear on their Facebook pages next […]


Facebook seems to be becoming a necessary evil. I’ve never felt particularly comfortable about it, but I do have an account and I do use it from time to time. Somewhat worryingly found out today (thanks Chris T) that unless you change your privacy settings anyone in your network can see all your information as […]

Linkbook and FacedIn

A friend recently told me they hadn’t used LinkedIn since discovering Facebook, which I found interesting. I think they are very different animals, each with their own set of services – a few of which overlap. Not all my “connections” on LinkedIn are “friends” on Facebook and vice versa. It makes a good Venn diagram […]

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