Arts spaces as workplaces – London’s Royal Festival Hall

Since I went freelance nearly four years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time working in – and a lot of time talking about – The Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank Centre. Today is the last day I’ll cycle up here from home in London. Next week we’re moving to Bristol, and really […]

Facebook as intranet – healthy hype

Bill Ives at FastForward blog writes about how the software company Serena has adopted Facebook as its corporate intranet. They’re using it to take their 800 global employees through a big change programme. They’ve created a few custom apps that staff can use in their private network on Facebook. Apparently it’s boosted staff morale. This […]

The intranet: my web at work

It’s time to drag the intranet in to the twenty-first century. We need to think of the intranet as the digital workspace, or “my web at work.” As a worker I need access to all the tools and information I need to do my job. It’s becoming increasingly likely that not all of that lives […]

Intranet personalisation: good or bad?

If you have web apps like travel booking systems or services like discussion forums running on your intranet you already have personalisation. Whether it’s any good is down to how well it’s designed and presented and how it feels to use. For company intranet homepages I don’t think there’s any question that personalisation will become […]

Intranet content management remixed

Ever since I saw them and started using them I could see that if we had Delicious, Technorati and Bloglines on our intranet it would change the way we work and our perception of what an intranet is. It’s something I’ve been presenting on at events recently to fellow intranet professionals. There are so many […]

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