By Nic Price on 30 August 2007 — 1 min read

Facebook seems to be becoming a necessary evil.

I’ve never felt particularly comfortable about it, but I do have an account and I do use it from time to time.

Somewhat worryingly found out today (thanks Chris T) that unless you change your privacy settings anyone in your network can see all your information as well as your “friends”.

This means that until I went in to “Privacy” and then “Edit settings” under Profile and selected “Only my friends” from the dropdown list, my fellow one million London network members could see everything about me!.

Fellow Facebook dabblers may wish to change their settings too.

I’m now wondering what else I don’t know about Facebook… like can I trust the “apps” that I occasionally add to my profile?

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  • And did you know that every time you join a new group, add an application, publish photos, whatever … you have to manually check the privacy settings again, as it defaults to full public access for each new addition …

    x L

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