Dust to digital dust

By Nic Price on 7 December 2007 — 1 min read

Before the internet, dying was a simple business.

What you said, wrote, created in your lifetime lived on in people’s memories, passed down the generations and turned to myth. And sometimes these had more tangible manifestations, in letters, books, works of art, buildings and of course children.

Nowadays more and more of us have digital identities, and in many cases multiple digital identities. Every time we create a new profile on a website we’re creating another instance of ourselves, sometimes who we are, sometimes who we want to be.

What happens to all those accounts we’ve set up, frozen in virtual time?

What will your virtual legacy be? What will your last blog post say? Your final tweet on Twitter? Was it your turn in Scrabulous? Will your Flickr photographs gradually fade and curl at the edges?

Should we, as a friend of mine wondered, put all our login and password information in our will? And what then?

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