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By Nic Price on 1 November 2007 — 1 min read

[…] I think we have been slow to embrace blogs as a way of discussing our strategy and direction. This often leads to the debate happening elsewhere, based often on only half the information, and without our being able fully to join in the debate. We’ve not done ourselves any favours, and we want to use this blog to re-engage with our friends and critics.

Ashley Highfield

Ergo… the BBC Internet Blog

Welcome to the BBC Internet blog, a sister blog to the existing Editors’ blogs for News and Sport. A place where we, senior staff from BBC Future Media teams will talk about issues raised by you about the technology behind, our mobile services and the BBC’s presence on the internet.

The links on this blog and its stream are chosen by Alan Connor and Nick Reynolds.

Good luck to Nick et al.

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