My five minute talk on analogy at UX Bristol

Reading time: 1 minuteAt the end of the excellent UX Bristol back in July, a few of us gave 5 minute talks. These talks are now available to watch online. I talked about how – when I was running the intranet at the BBC back in 2005 – I was inspired by the transformation programme at London’s South […]

Enterprising times – a case for search best bets

Reading time: 3 minutesReading the e-Consultancy interview with Lou Rosenfeld on the importance of site search analytics, I was reminded of when I was product manager of intranet (or enterprise) search at the BBC. It was back in 2002. People complained that search was broken, but we had neither quantitative nor qualitative data to analyse. After consulting with […]

The new look BBC homepage and Gestalt

Reading time: 2 minutesGenerally I like the new look BBC homepage which officially went live last week after a couple of months in “beta”. It’s got most of what I want: news, weather, listings – the iplayer link could be more visible. Redesigns are rarely straightforward to get right. I’ve overseen a few in my time. You’re damned […]

Blog Readability Test

Reading time: 1 minuteI’ve just been having a bit of fun with this… The Blog Readability Test. What level of education is required to understand your blog? – as seen on David Cushman’s site. Apparently you require a “high school” education to read this blog. I haven’t dug around to see what, if any, algorithm is being used […]

One to watch, as it were… BBC Internet Blog

Reading time: 1 minute[…] I think we have been slow to embrace blogs as a way of discussing our strategy and direction. This often leads to the debate happening elsewhere, based often on only half the information, and without our being able fully to join in the debate. We’ve not done ourselves any favours, and we want to […]

We won an award :)

Reading time: 1 minuteSarah, Andy and I picked up the Best Intranet Award for Best Content, awarded to the BBC for it’s intranet Gateway which we all work on. Pictured with Paul Miller, Chairman of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum.


Reading time: 1 minuteBlogging is changing and challenging journalism. It changed and challenged mine even though I was doing the blogging. It is a way to focus the collective intelligence of the audience onto the facts and arguments. Moblogging from a single device that can do words, pictures, audio and video gives us a taste of the future: […]

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