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By Nic Price on 16 July 2007 — 1 min read

Don’t be put off by the name!

If you’re interested in anything vaguely related to technology there’s something to listen to here.

I finally started catching up with some of my blog, news and podcast subscriptions recently and that coincided well with the arrival of my Nokia N95.

Some podcast stuff I’ve been listening to and would recommend includes:

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  • Hi Cellobella

    The N95 is ok… but…

    • The camera has an almighty shutter-lag (the picture quality is pretty impressive)
    • Three times in 6 weeks the microphone didn’t work so people I was calling couldn’t hear me. This feels like a software glitch as an off and on again fixed it.
    • Sliding the phone open takes the key lock off which means that I often accidentally unlock the phone putting it in or taking it out of my pocket.
    • It’s way too easy to stop and audio track and lost your place. It would be great to be able to see where you left off a podcast if you do accidentally hit stop without.
    • Battery life is so-so.

    Video quality is pretty good.

    I’m realiably informed that putting apps on the removable memory makes the camera work quicker – I have yet to try this.

    I’d still recommend it 🙂

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