Social media usage in the “enterprise” – some numbers

By Nic Price on 6 June 2007 — 1 min read

I get asked regularly – particularly by colleagues in the intranet/enterprise portal management world – how many people use the discussion forum, wikis and blogs which live on Gateway, the BBC’s intranet, which I manage.

Below are some snapshot numbers I pulled together in May.

To give some context, the monthly reach for Gateway is roughly 30,000 people.

In themselves they don’t tell a story. For some narrative we need to look at our trend data and qualitative research.

talk.gateway (discussion forum)

23,204 members have posted a total of 31,951 replies within 6,736 topics in 102 visible forums.

496 “Thanks” in the last 6 months

Gateway wiki usage

Number of wikis 491
Registered users 5182
Number of pages 115203
Pages updated daily (average) 199

Examples: Future Media & Technology Projects overview, BBC Monitoring
staff map, Global News Division “Big Stories”

Blog usage numbers were unavailable, but they continue to thrive.

These tools were started by Euan and John in Digilab – they’re now looked after and developed by my team on behalf of our colleagues.

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