Keeping the conversation going

One of the things I find tricky with blogs is remembering to go back and check whether anyone’s followed up on any comments I’ve made. There’s a system called coComment which is designed to help with this, but for some reason it feels like too much effort – or at least it did when I […]

Essential intranet reading

Are you involved in intranet (in its broadest possible definition) content, design, management, publishing, thinking, consultancy, evaluation or strategy? What’s on your reading list? I’ll kick off with my blog subscriptions tagged “intranet” in google reader (view posts/subscribe to this list): Column Two – James Robertson in Australia, who is also behind the Intranet Innovation […]

Social media usage in the “enterprise” – some numbers

I get asked regularly – particularly by colleagues in the intranet/enterprise portal management world – how many people use the discussion forum, wikis and blogs which live on Gateway, the BBC’s intranet, which I manage. Below are some snapshot numbers I pulled together in May. To give some context, the monthly reach for Gateway is […]

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