Great British Design Quest

By Nic Price on 30 January 2006 — 1 min read

Vote for your favourite British design icon from 1900 onwards.

The Great British Design Quest is a vote to discover the public’s favourite British design icon. Organised by the Design Museum and The Culture Show, the vote opens with a shortlist of 25 and is narrowed down to a Top 10, Top 3 and a final winner.

I went for Harry Beck’s London Underground map in the end. Following that it would be the Routemaster Bus and the Mini.

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  • I cant believe you’ve not gone for concorde…. It just has to be concorde.. Doesnt it ?

    The damn thing use to roar over our house twice a day. The sound, the sight the vibrations were unmistakable. ( Remember this is Berkshire – about 25 miles west of Heathrow )

    No other (passenger) aircraft has looked or sounded the same or was so fast.

    Imagine being able to travel twice the speed of sound, faster than a speeding bullet or faster than even superman? You arrive before you take off… Sounds impossible…. Even modern military jets can only accomplish this speed in short bursts.

    The design was so radical, they had to rip up the manual for air-craft design and start again; hence the shape and pointy nose… Every part was designed specially to withstand the supersonic rigours. They even had to design special paint just to paint the damn thing!

    Finally, it a 40 year old design and technology that has yet to be bettered.

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