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Yes, but how did I get here?

Yesterday I went to the Design Museum in London with some friends from work to see the design of information exhibition “YOU ARE HERE” (now in its last week).

Design Museum

It was full of amazing examples of how we convey complex information through models, signs and symbols, including navigation devices, orreries, maps, graphs, charts and timepieces. There were some interesting comparisons between how information is conveyed in different cultures.

But I felt it missed a trick by only showing the end results.

What I’d really like to learn is…

  • Who was involved (not just the accredited designer)?
  • What was discarded along the way?
  • What was discovered along the way?
  • What do the designs that nearly made it look like?
  • How was the end result decided on and who by?
  • What’s the story behind the design?

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