Oxford Internet Survey 2007

I went to the launch of the Oxford Internet Survey last week at the House of Commons and haven’t had a chance to write it up. Thankfully BBC News has picked up on the main points on its website. A couple of things really stood out for me… 5% of people in the UK who […]

IT Conversations

Don’t be put off by the name! If you’re interested in anything vaguely related to technology there’s something to listen to here. I finally started catching up with some of my blog, news and podcast subscriptions recently and that coincided well with the arrival of my Nokia N95. Some podcast stuff I’ve been listening to […]

Linkbook and FacedIn

A friend recently told me they hadn’t used LinkedIn since discovering Facebook, which I found interesting. I think they are very different animals, each with their own set of services – a few of which overlap. Not all my “connections” on LinkedIn are “friends” on Facebook and vice versa. It makes a good Venn diagram […]

Social media usage in the “enterprise” – some numbers

I get asked regularly – particularly by colleagues in the intranet/enterprise portal management world – how many people use the discussion forum, wikis and blogs which live on Gateway, the BBC’s intranet, which I manage. Below are some snapshot numbers I pulled together in May. To give some context, the monthly reach for Gateway is […]

The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda

Every now and then I read something that seems to coincide with my life so perfectly I imagine there must be an Amélie-like character who has placed it in my path. This is certainly true of John Maeda’s book The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life). Maeda is a world-renowned graphic designer, visual […]

Creating Passionate Users: Dilbert and the zone of mediocrity

Just read this brilliant and incredibly timely (for me anyway!) post from the always passionate Kathy Sierra. To avoid the Zone of Mediocrity, you must suspend disbelief. You must be willing and able to turn off (temporarily) The Voice inside that says, “We’ll never get away with this. People will hate it.” That doesn’t necessarily […]

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