Robin Good at leweb: 12 things we must learn to do really well

By Nic Price on 11 December 2008 — 1 min read

Thanks to Peter Bihr aka thewavingcat on Twitter I was able to sit in on some of Loic Lemeur‘s Leweb this week via, a livestreaming mashup of video and text updates.

One talk that caught my attention was by Robin Good who is MasterNewMedia.

He asked people about what learning really meant to them and played back recorded video of answers from learned learning afficionados in to the conference.

Good finished by listing 12 things we must all learn to do well. I just managed to scribble these down, so here they are:

  1. live healthily
  2. read and understand what you’re reading
  3. learn – the system and the method
  4. be creative, anybody can be
  5. empathise
  6. tell truth from fiction, especially in the “news”
  7. predict consequences
  8. value yourself
  9. live a meaningful life
  10. communicate effectively
  11. ask good questions
  12. have good fun
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