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I made a font based on my handwriting for use in my digital sketches and e-learning.

Here’s a sample:

A sample of the Beatnic 0.5 handwriting font

It’s rough and ready, a little uneven on the baseline, and limited to A-Z caps and lower case, plus numbers 0-9 and a few other characters – but quite handy for keeping things looking sketchy. (At some point I’ll make a more comprehensive version.)

It’s in a zip file. You’ll need to unzip it and install it in your computer’s font directory.

If you use it, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hi James – I like how you use your font on your site. Free tool from Microsoft? Does it still exist? I suppose it’s now turned in to an iPad app ๐Ÿ™‚

    I used

    You get a template to write the letters on, which you then scan and upload to their website. Then it’s available for preview and download within an hour. Costs $10.

    (I really must get round to signing up for their affiliates programme!)

  2. Hi Richard, great stuff! Hope it comes in handy.

    I’ve found it works well for back of the napkin sketches (using a photo of a napkin, and using a Wacom tablet to sketch and build up a story), and also on post-its I made in PowerPoint and/or Keynote.

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