Google Drawing template: GOV Flow kit

I recently made – and have been using – a Google Drawing version of the GOV Flow kit. If you’re involved in designing government services and transactions you might find it useful for mapping out online user flows. It’s based on the excellent Gov Flow kit for Sketch made by Charles Reynolds-Talbot. It’s meant for […]

Blogging on the People Thinking website

I’ve started work on a side project with Ben. We’re calling it Participant Discovery. We want to understand what it’s like to be a research participant. We wonder if understanding this will help us design better research. We’re blogging about it over on the People Thinking website.

Silence on the radio is not radio silence

I once had to do a one minute silence on the radio. It was on Mother’s Day in March 1996, the Sunday following the horrific Dunblane massacre, in which a gunman killed 16 children and a teacher at a Scottish primary school. We were running Sound Radio – a community radio station – from an empty […]

And… we’re back

I’m going to start blogging again. There. I’ve said it. Out loud. On here. So it’s public, even if it’s not going viral. Amongst other things, I plan to write about sharing, listening, making time, paying attention, noticing, designing systems, and information architecture. First up, I’ve updated to using the WordPress 2017 Theme – it plays […]

A short talk I gave about systems thinking at UX Bristol 2014

UX Bristol 2014 Short Talk: Nic Price – Systems Thinking in 3 Minutes from Bristol Usability Group on Vimeo. Okay so it’s nearer 8 minutes. In which I talk about elephants and bicycles… world view, mental models, Russ Ackoff’s definition of a system, and what happens when you change the boundaries of a system. For […]

Prototype kitchen

Working in digital product research and design, I can’t remember a project where we didn’t use a prototype in one form or another. I’d not thought about doing it in the house until necessity paved the way – we ran out of time… We’d worked up the eventual kitchen design through various discussions with Sam […]

Today’s lunchtime run in “flyover video”

(Update 16 Dec 2011: I’ve had to remove the embedded video, as it always autoplays every time anyone visits this website. V annoying!) Here it is on the mapmyrun website: A natty feature courtesy of the folks at MapMyRun. You don’t feel the hills quite so much in bird’s eye mode 🙂

Jobs I’ve had: Car auction driver

[Like many, I’m a firm believer that we learn by doing, and the benefit we gain from the variety of our experiences – both positive and negative – we bring to every new situation. So I thought I’d write about a few of the many different jobs I’ve done since my first in the mid […]

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