Keeping up to date with East Dulwich on the internet: Part 2 – Technorati Watchlists

By Nic Price on 19 November 2007 — 2 mins read

How do you keep on top of everything everyone’s saying about East Dulwich, or any other subject, online?

In this series of short articles I’m going to run through a few things you can set up quickly and for free to follow what people are saying about the things you’re interested in. [Also in this series: Part 1 – Google Alerts, Part 3 – Twitter tracking, Part 4 – Delicious bookmark tags]

This article looks at Technorati Watchlists.

I’m using East Dulwich as an example, but you can do this for any number of subjects.

To get the most out of these tools and techniques, you’re best bet is to set yourself up with an RSS reader or aggregator. Don’t be put off if this sounds a bit geeky. The popular RSS readers are fairly intuitive to set up and free to use. For further information about RSS and how to set up a reader, see this page on the BBC website.

Technorati Watchlists

Set up a Watchlist on Technorati, and find out when somebody writes a blog post mentioning East Dulwich (or whichever subjects you choose). Currently Technorati tracks 112.8 million blogs on our behalf.

Technorati is a search engine which covers the “World Live Web” – a subset of the World Wide Web – and claims to be no more than 10 minutes out of date. Read more about how Technorati works here.

Setting up an account on Technorati is quick and free – look for the link titled “Join”. Once you have your account set up, here’s what you do:

  1. Visit the Technorati Watchlist page
  2. Enter your subject in the Add to your Watchlist box
  3. Hit the Add button.

That’s it. You’re now watching the “World Live Web” for the subject you entered.

To view an example of what a Watchlist looks like for East Dulwich, click on the thumbail image below.

Screenshot of Technorati Watchlist for East Dulwich

You now have 3 choices for keeping up to date with your Watchlist:

  • Bookmark the web address for your Technorati Watchlist
    This is not the most efficient method, as you’ll need to remember to visit fairly regularly to avoid missing anything.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed for your Watchlist
    Using this method, your RSS reader does the work by regularly visiting your watchlist and looking for updates. Any new content will be listed in your RSS reader, a bit like new email in your inbox. Then you can scan this list in your reader whenever most convenient.
  • Subscribe to an RSS to email service
    If you’d rather not user an RSS reader, you can always have updates emailed to you. Technorati doesn’t offer this service, so you’ll need to use another website to do this for you. I’ve set up an account on FeedBlitz – I will review this separately, but so far it has not scored high on usability!

Is anyone blogging about you? Why not set up a Watchlist for your name.

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