Another reason why junk mail is bad for business

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Apparently junk mail subsidises the cost of sending a bona fide letter, the price we have to pay, like Google Ads for snail mail (though less intelligently targetted of course).

Every week I receive an inordinate amount of junk mail offering discounts, credit cards with huge credit limits, loans – presumably to pay back the credit cards – claiming I’ve won £1million in a competition – presumably to pay back the loan – or asking me to donate to charity.

It’s bad enough that it’s a waste of paper and other resources.

But the thing that really makes me think about never being a customer to one of these companies is the fact that I can’t just throw the thing in the paper recycling bin.

No, first I have to check it thoroughly and tear out and shred any sections which might contain part of my identity.

So please… Sky, BT, Capital One, Lloyds, Barclaycard… to name but a few… stop wasting my time!

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  1. Right on. I can’t stick all those stuff I get, with these 20% off sales which I don’t even give a second glance.

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