Good plumber in East Dulwich

By Nic Price on 5 April 2006 — 1 min read

If you’re looking for a plumber in the SE22 area I can put you in touch with someone who I can thoroughly recommend.

Let me know via the comments below and I’ll put you in touch.

[Update: 11th November 2006] Following the arrival of the excellent East Dulwich Forum, where you can find plumbers and all sorts of other useful people, I have now closed comments on this post and would recommend folk use the forum to seek good local trade.

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  • Hi,

    I’ve been hunting for a recommended plumber in the area for a while but have had no joy. Can you pls forward me the details of the Plumber you know. Many thanks & kind regards.


  • I am desperate for a good plumber in SE22. All help gratefully received.



  • Hi, I’d be really grateful if you could forward me your plumber’s details too, I’ve been searching for ages…


  • Nic,

    Your recommendation is very sought after! Could you send it to me as well please? Thanks

  • Hi, a bit boring but
    also desperate for recommended plumber -details
    please send
    thank you

  • There is a great plumber in Herne Hill called Yenlin Chong. He has sorted out all my plumbing requirements for the last 5 years. Highly honest, reliable though very busy he definitely won’t rip you off. He is a good friend as well. Intelligent and a fine conversationalist – 07798530265

  • Nic,
    thanks for plumber I went with the Yen Lin Chong of Herne Hill recommendation…. so far so good

  • Hi,

    If you are looking for any type of building trades person in SE london, then take a look at I have set up this is new free website that lists lots of info about a variety of trades people. Also, if you give someone a job, you can leave feedback. Because this is a new website,there is not much feedback, but the ability to leave feedback about a trades person should at least ensure they do a good job for you.



  • I hired a plumber/tiler call Neil from Herne Hill, a heavy smoker and apparently he does work for Pullens. He only did half the job and then never came back, despite promising to and asking for payment up front for “materials”. He doesnt return my calls or text messages. Does anyone know this person or have any further contact details? thanks

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