So this blog is one year old today

By Nic Price on 22 January 2006 — 1 min read

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  • Happy Birthday Blog!
    And on Wednesday we’ll be saying Happy Birthday Dad………
    Isn’t it funny how Mums always find a way of reminding about birthdays?!

  • Visiting a lot recently and really enjoying your postings, happy birthday beatnic! Looking forward to more good stuff.

    To no 1 poster: Hello Aunt, I’m pushing on with Austerlitz and enjoying it. Will phone Colin on Wednesday ;o)


  • Mum, now it’s not just me you’re reminding about Dad’s birthday (see Simon’s note above!) 😉

    Euan, Simon, thanks and apologies your messages were nabbed by the spam-filter (I’m still not sure why).

    I seem to be suffering from quite a lot of comment spam at the moment, most to do with online casinoses (deliberately misspelt, I hasten to add!). Many of the spam comments now appear a little like genuine comments on first impression, so it can be quite painstaking going through and filtering out the genuine messages.

    Michelle, thanks too and interesting question!

    This blog is certainly a youngster compared to many. I’m not sure what stats are available, I’ll dig around.

    I’m not sure where blog age fits in to the algorithm of what makes a blog work – not that you’re suggesting that, but you’ve got me thinking about it now!

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