Help! I’m starting to think in status updates

On my Sunday run yesterday morning I suddenly caught myself turning everything I was doing in to Facebook status updates. If you haven’t been on Facebook, status updates let you tell people in your group of friends or networks whatever you want in little SMS type messages which then appear on their Facebook pages next […]

Linkbook and FacedIn

A friend recently told me they hadn’t used LinkedIn since discovering Facebook, which I found interesting. I think they are very different animals, each with their own set of services – a few of which overlap. Not all my “connections” on LinkedIn are “friends” on Facebook and vice versa. It makes a good Venn diagram […]

Lost but for words

I can tell Wordie has the potential to become highly addictive for all the right reasons even if I haven’t quite understood the point yet… Wordie lets you make lists of words — practical lists, words you love, words you hate, whatever. See who else has listed the same words, add citations and comments, and […]

Caught Spam

Akismet has caught 7,250 spam for you since you installed it. You can delete all of the spam from your database with a single click. This operation cannot be undone, so you may wish to check to ensure that no legitimate comments got through first. Spam is automatically deleted after 15 days, so don’t sweat […]

Simple parts that will never get too powerful

“The trick… is to make sure that each limited mechanical part of the Web, each application, is within itself composed of simple parts that will never get too powerful.” – says Tim Berners-Lee What are Microformats? Via Peter J. Bogaards’ Understanding by design

For the record

A search for a definition of the currently much- (some say over-) used word mashup takes you to this wikipedia disambiguation page (i.e. it has more than one meaning) which then leads to the following: Mashup (music) redirects you to this definition: Bastard pop is a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of […]

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