The internet enters our living space

By Nic Price on 30 October 2005 — 1 min read

This is my first post from “downstairs.”

As of this weekend, we have wi-fi at home (thanks Pai!).

Now if something springs to mind I can grab the laptop (for the first time in ages the “lap” bit counts) and check it out, or write it, or email someone.

Up until now this has been something that happened in the “box bedroom” – our home study. Separate, removed, away from everyone else.

Will it become a useful addition to our living space? Will it intrude? I guess it’s all just a matter of how we use it.

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  • It’s already come in handy a couple of times today, when normally I’d have felt it too antisocial to go upstairs to check something out.

    Both times it was in connection with (and I reckon added to) a conversation we were having with lunch guests.


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