Drag and drop Europe

By Nic Price on 26 August 2005 — 1 min read

How well do you know your European countries?

Try dragging and dropping 45 countries to their correct places on the European map in this Flash-based online learning game.

You have to be pretty accurate to get a right answer and there are no country outlines to help, only land and sea. I got 35 on my first go but learned enough to get 40 with an average error of 88 miles next time round.

Simple and effective.

Thanks to my mum for the link 🙂

More games available here.

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  • Interested that you acknowledged me Nic. I wondered if my pointing you towards this is the 2005 Mum/Nic well-known scenario of 20 years ago – “wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to do some geography revision?”!!!!!!!

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