Back up (and running)

By Nic Price on 16 April 2005 — 1 min read

My ISP (PlusNet) just had a major hiccup whilst upgrading their free web-hosting service which resulted in everyone’s files going up in smoke on Thursday morning. As a result my blog was down for the day and there was much chatter on PlusNet’s message boards.

Luckily I’ve been backing up my files and data for my blog, but not so regularly that I haven’t lost of a couple of changes I made using the browser-based file editing system in WordPress.

The lesson for me here is to back up files every time I make the slightest change.

A lesson for PlusNet could be to send out an advance warning email (this was planned work after all) to all customers using CGI space, giving us a chance to check we’re properly backed up – it wouldn’t have cost more than the time to write it, and would have saved a lot of people a lot of bother.

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