Arts spaces as workplaces – London’s Royal Festival Hall

Since I went freelance nearly four years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time working in – and a lot of time talking about – The Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank Centre. Today is the last day I’ll cycle up here from home in London. Next week we’re moving to Bristol, and really […]

Re-cycling difficulties in London

Serco staff struggle to cope with the overflow bike parking near Waterloo Station by London’s South Bank. They were having to free up some docking stations so people could check their bikes in. The surplus bikes are then loaded on to a lorry and distributed to empty or depleted cycle hire locations around the capital. […]

Anne Shelton, 1928-1994

142 Court Lane, East Dulwich Anne Shelton 1928-1994 Popular singer and the World War II “Forces’ Favourite” lived here Voted by the People This blue plaque was unveiled on 6 October 2008. Further info on the DulwichOnView website.

Curious statue spotted near Tate Modern

The following from my Dad made me chuckle, especially the inscription: As we were approaching Tate Modern from Southwark Street a couple of weeks ago we came across a curious statue in Sumner Street. The larger than life-size grey figure wears clothes that flutter in the wind and is mounted on a plinth bearing no […]

Welcome to England!

To mark last week’s change of London’s Eurostar terminus from Waterloo to St Pancras here’s a photo I snapped from the bus a couple of weeks ago. This parade of shops and restaurants is immediately opposite King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. Sandwiched between Orlando’s Cafe and Eddie’s Fish Bar is Euro Tandoori. As they […]

Cafe on the Rye – Opening hours

Update to this blog post (June 2010): Cafe on the Rye Open 7 DAYS A WEEK 9am-4:30pm November – February 9am-5:30pm March – October. For all info see the Cafe on the Rye website.

Peckham Rye Park Café latest

I have it on good authority that the café will open on Monday 12th November. Hooray! I met the people who’ll be running it today, they were kind enough to show me round. It looks fantastic. The very best of luck to them 🙂

The West Dulwich Forum

Interesting to see the arrival this week of The West Dulwich Forum – “Talk about property, restaurants, pubs, shops, services, transport, planning, it’s up to you…” It has a striking resemblance to the East Dulwich Forum. I wonder if they are they by any chance related? Another feed for my RSS reader…

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