What do I do to keep fit?

By Nic Price on 19 April 2007 — 1 min read

Nigel tagged me a wee while ago and I’ve finally had a moment to respond.

Here are a few things I do to keep fit:

  • Running – it’s my Dad’s fault, and it’s his Dad’s fault! There’s nothing quite like it for clearing my mind. The more undulating the better… the Yorkshire Dales and the eastern Pyrennees are perfect, and East Dulwich and surrounding area has plenty to offer too.
  • Cycling – to work – it’s a 12 mile journey each way and I’m managing about 6 journeys out of 10 a week at the moment.
  • Not using lifts and walking up escalators – there are 124 steps at Elephant & Castle, down in the morning, up in the evening. When I’m not cycling of course.
  • Walking – what better way to get to know somewhere than to have time to stop every now and then and look up.

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