Is it time for change to change?

By Nic Price on 8 February 2006 — 1 min read

Ant sums it up nicely

With new and astute technical leadership, the company has begun the steady march to rebuild the infrastructure – readying it for faster development. But, culture is slower to change than code. We still tend to operate with the same deliberate, beaurocratic attitude. Change is hard for any company and it never comes quickly or without a few shocks to the system. We are receiving those shocks by way of a few ‘initiative projects’ by senior managment setting an example. With these I’m observing an interesting dynamic, something not totally dissimilar to post 9/11 USA where those who dared question the wisdom of the government were painted as ‘unpatriotic’. When culture needs to change and the agents of that change encounter resistance to it, they’ll toughen their stance to see their will enacted. Subordinates who wish to avoid lambasting (and gain political capital) make ‘yes’ their favorite word… and those that challenge the new “wisdom” are deemed ‘old guard’ and bypassed.

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