Revolving door etiquette

By Nic Price on 2 February 2006 — 1 min read

It may be old school, but I prefer to hold the door open for someone and follow rather than going first and letting it close in their face.

So when it comes to revolving doors that you have to push to get through…

Should I go first (against my old school ways) and push or let the other person go first and therefore have to do the pushing?

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  • This is a tough one.

    You could explain that they should go first, and push from behind, remembering to pause once they are able to access the building.

    However you might just be wasting their time.

  • That’s got me chuckling 😀

    As has the image of not pausing and sending them back round again 🙂

  • Referring to the original point of this custom – i.e. women have spindly arms and thus men spare them the physical effort. If this is correct, then sparing women physical effort in this modern context would mean going first and pushing for them…guess it depends how spindly they are?

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