The intranet

By Nic Price on 23 January 2006 — 1 min read


adj 1: spread throughout; “a pervasive anxiety overshadows the triumphs of individuals” [syn: pervading]

2: spreading throughout; “armed with permeative irony…he punctures affectations”; “the pervasive odor of garlic”; “an error is pervasive if it is material to more than one conclusion” [syn: permeant, permeating, permeative]


n 1: artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; “the fabric in the curtains was light and semitraqnsparent”; “woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC”; “she measured off enough material for a dress” [syn: cloth, material, textile]

2: the underlying structure; “restoring the framework of the bombed building”; “it is part of the fabric of society” [syn: framework]

Source of definitions: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

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