Al for bet

By Nic Price on 6 November 2005 — 1 min read

Here’s my memory’s version of what I’ve just discovered after a Google search for n for lope is called the Cockney Alphabet, but should surely be called the Al for Bet.

We used to have fun trying to remember these or making them up on car journeys when I was growing up. Some of them are pretty tenuous!

A for Gardener
B for Mutton
C for Miles
D for Mation
E for Brick
F for Vescence
G for Horse
H for Retirement
I for The Engine
J for Oranges
K for Teria
L for Leather
M for Sis
N for Lope
O for The Hill
P for England
Q for A Bus
R for Daley
S for Rantzen
T for Two
U for Mism
V for La France
W for Quits
X for Breakfast
Y for Runts
Z for Breezes

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  • Wow – this brought back some memories!
    Along with Heaven 17, The Thompson Twins, Vivaldi and Dad nearly crashing the car (because he was laughing so much) travelling across that wild westy bit of Spain with us all listening to the Dead Parrot sketch!

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