By Nic Price on 18 June 2005 — 1 min read

Massive thanks to Ben O’Neill for the superb Technorati tagging plug-in for WordPress.

I’ve been wanting to use something like this for ages, but my technical ability doesn’t cover php in enough depth yet.

So it was great to find this plug-in which is working a treat and is straightforward to install.

It took me a moment to understand the instruction about “creating a custom tag in my post” until I realised it’s just something I haven’t used before and is not complicated. If you’re looking for this too, you’ll find it in the Advanced section in the Create New Post page.

I’d been trying to use Categories as tags since writing a post about tagging a few months ago but found them too cumbersome as they’re designed to provide more of a rigid organisational structure than tags (well that’s my interpretation anyway).

So now I’m starting to go through my previous entries and tag them. Having done this I’ll take a look at my category structure and decide what to do with that.

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