Intranets. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

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Yesterday about thirty Intranetters (thanks to Andrew for pointing me towards the yahoo group) got together in central London.

It was a really good event – a kind of intranets anonymous. Big thanks to Simon Hill and Rod McLean for their warts’n’all stand-up routines. It certainly seemed quite a cathartic experience for all involved. Intranutters.

This morning a text message arrived from Twitter. I’m tracking the word “intranet” – more on subject-tracking in twitter here. It was none other than Richard Hare, yesterday’s whistle-blower and one of our hosts.

We touched on Sharepoint and accessibility, or rather the lack of it. Maybe we should set up the SHarepoint Accessibility Group – a self-help sub-group of Intranetters.

Some questions from the event…

  1. If you could build an intranet from scratch, what would you start with? And what would you tell people it was for?
  2. What are the best prizes to offer if you’re running a competition on your global intranet?
  3. Management won’t allow blogging because it might encourage cyberbullying. Where do you start?
  4. Is there a precedent in UK law (or any other country for that matter) where a company has been taken to court for an intranet not meeting DDA accessibility requirements?

Just wondering…