Welcome to England!

Reading time: 1 minuteTo mark last week’s change of London’s Eurostar terminus from Waterloo to St Pancras here’s a photo I snapped from the bus a couple of weeks ago. This parade of shops and restaurants is immediately opposite King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. Sandwiched between Orlando’s Cafe and Eddie’s Fish Bar is Euro Tandoori. As they […]

On yer bike!

Reading time: 1 minuteYesterday I cycled to and from a client meeting twelve miles away. If I’ve understood correctly, this means I can claim £4.80 in business mileage against tax (i.e. 24 miles at 20 pence per mile). If I’d driven I would be able to claim £9.60 (i.e. 24 miles at 40 pence per mile). It got […]

My Dad’s photos from the top of Kilimanjaro

Reading time: 1 minuteIn 2005 my Dad walked up Mount Kilimanjaro. Here’s a spectacular picture he took from the summit. It’s difficult to get a true sense of scale. And having watched An Inconvenient Truth, it’s a moment in time that may never be recaptured.

Fast ticket?

Reading time: 2 minutesThe nutshell: buying rail tickets online still isn’t very joined up. TTL: “Thank you for calling thetrainline.com how can I help?” Me: “Hello, I accidentally managed to book myself two tickets using the website. Can you tell me how I can cancel one of them please?” [brief exchange of reference numbers and identification information] TTL: […]

My train left early

Reading time: 1 minuteMy train to Leeds left five minutes early from Long Preston station a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky, I turned up ten minutes early, so had a five minute wait. But it must have really annoyed the rail replacement service passengers who were delivered by bus two minutes later thinking they had three […]

A designated quiet area

Reading time: 1 minuteSign on train today… Just wondering… what constitutes using a mobile phone these days? I read the news on mine today quite happily (and quietly). If I’d read it to someone else would I have been arrested?

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