N95 – two things I can never remember how to do

Reading time: 2 minutesI’ve had my Nokia N95 phone since June. I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s good for looking at websites, the camera is great despite the shutter lag, video quality good. It’s ok for having phone calls on. Battery life’s ok. I haven’t got the patience with the GPS, and sometimes I do wonder if it’s […]

What would your txt msg templates be?

Reading time: 1 minuteThese are the text message (SMS) templates that came with my phone: I am late. I will be there at I’m at home. Please call I’m at work. Please call I’m in a meeting, call me later at I will be arriving at Meeting is cancelled. Please call See you at See you in Sorry, […]

Good to pub

Reading time: 2 minutesAdaptonyms (also known as textonyms and cellodromes) are words that can be typed with the same sequence of keys on a cell phone using predictive text. For example the sequence “2-3-3” can produce “bed”, “add”, or “bee”. Source: Wikipedia Yesterday I texted a friend to let him know we’d “good to pub”. What I meant […]

A designated quiet area

Reading time: 1 minuteSign on train today… Just wondering… what constitutes using a mobile phone these days? I read the news on mine today quite happily (and quietly). If I’d read it to someone else would I have been arrested?

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