Peckham Rye Park Café latest

I have it on good authority that the café will open on Monday 12th November. Hooray! I met the people who’ll be running it today, they were kind enough to show me round. It looks fantastic. The very best of luck to them 🙂

The West Dulwich Forum

Interesting to see the arrival this week of The West Dulwich Forum – “Talk about property, restaurants, pubs, shops, services, transport, planning, it’s up to you…” It has a striking resemblance to the East Dulwich Forum. I wonder if they are they by any chance related? Another feed for my RSS reader…

The Booth Notebooks – East Dulwich

Thanks to my neighbour John for pointing me towards Charles Booth’s Inquiry into the life and labour of the people in London, 1886-1903 (available online thanks to an award-winning project run by the LSE Library in 2002). It’s a fantastic catalogue of observations, including comments on leisure, migration, employment of women, poverty, class, crime, public […]

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